About The Kickstart Project Inc.

The Kickstart Project Inc is a Melbourne based non-profit organisation that is committed to providing a brighter future for individuals and communities in Kenya through education, health and sustainable solutions.

The Kickstart Project operates with a focus on efficient project management, fundraising and resource development, with members in both Australia and Kenya to enable successful and holistic implementation of our projects and programs.


Our mission

Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty in Kenya by educating individuals and communities, and empowering people to create a brighter future for themselves and their nation.

By improving access to education and healthcare for children living in urban slums, or remote areas of Kenya, we believe we can break one of the biggest poverty traps facing the developing world.

Our mandate

We believe that it is possible to alleviate poverty, improve the overall standard of living and increase access to health and education by empowering individuals through the following:

  • Providing quality educational sponsorships and mentoring for disadvantaged individuals, promoting access to a brighter future for students and their families
  • Cultivating self-efficacy and aptitude among individuals
  • Promoting sustainable and independent communities by developing health promotion and leadership programs in disadvantaged communities 

Our priority is to allocate as much of our proceeds as possible directly to the projects that we run in Africa. Our approach is simple; No frills, marketing gimmicks or fancy advertising - focus on the cause, and ensure donated dollars go to those in need. There is no unnecessary expenditure on administrative costs and absolutely no money is spent on personal expenses, including the team’s annual trip to Kenya to implement and review the projects, and ensure they are operating successfully.

The impact that one educated child can have on his or her family, and immediate community, is life changing. Helping just one child becomes a whole family, a whole community, and a next generation that is happier, healthier and more fulfilled than the last one – this is the ripple effect. This is what drives The Kickstart Project.

The Kickstart Project Inc has been registered by the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission on the 1st July 2015 (ABN 97194295506)
The certification number is A0062791G under Section 8 of the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, dated 1st April 2015.
The Kickstart Project Inc is also a registered Incorporated Association with Consumer Affairs in Victoria as a not-for-profit association.