The sponsorship team in Kenya have developed a strong, year-round support network for our students to help them achieve their goals

A comprehensive mentoring program has been established in Kenya for all sponsored students to attend as part of the sponsorship program.

We host annual mentoring days, consisting of workshops and motivational speakers that promote mentorship, life-skills training and more.

The program aims to ensure that the students are coping with the demands of secondary school, adjusting to their new environment and provides an opportunity to discuss other important topics such as motivation, goals, study tips etc.

The mentoring days are run as a series of workshops with motivational speakers, aimed at inspiring the students to work hard and promoting positive self-talk and overall confidence. The mentoring days are run by local university lecturer, secondary school teacher and published author Pasomi Mucha.

The older students have become fantastic mentors for the younger students, some even speak in front of the group during mentoring days to share their advice and encouragement for the secondary school experience.