Year:Form 4
School: Aquinas High School

My name is Paul, I am 18 years old and I have 5 siblings. Since my parent’s separated 8 years ago, my mother has been trying to raise all 6 children on her own. My mum works fulltime as a house help, but the job does not pay much and she earns very little to support us.

For the past 8 years, my siblings and I have eaten two meals per day, and often go without food when the funds are too low to cover rent. I have attended several different schools during my primary education due to a constant lack of money to pay fees. We live a very ‘nomadic’ lifestyle due to the frequent need to find a new place to live when the rent has not been paid.

Two of my older siblings were not able to join high school when they finished primary school, and I know that my future will be the same without an opportunity to be sponsored.

I dream of becoming a doctor so that I can help other needy children to become well again.

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