The Kickstart Project Inc.

Thank you for your interest in hosting a fundraising event for The Kickstart Project. We are grateful for your support of our organisation as your contribution will help us to continue to support disadvantaged students and communities in Kenya through education health and sustainable solutions.

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Community fundraising for The Kickstart Project

The criteria considered by The Kickstart Project as being most important when approving individuals or organisations carrying out fundraising opportunities are:

  • Compliance – all Kickstart Project fundraising activities will comply with relevant legislation, as set out by each state and territory in Australia
  • Integrity – all Kickstart Project activities must maintain the integrity, values and image of the organisation and its brand
  • Quality – The Kickstart Project will have a commitment to delivering high quality activities
  • Return on investment – The Kickstart Project will seek to raise significant funds with minimal staff and resource investment
  • Profile – all fundraising opportunities will aim to add value to The Kickstart Project’s logo and its work
  • Ethics – ethical considerations will be taken into account when entering into partnerships
  • Loyalty – the fundraising activity fits with The Kickstart Project’s current partners and sponsors
  • Acknowledgement – The Kickstart Project will take pride in appropriately acknowledging all contributions
  • National – where possible The Kickstart Project will aim to raise funds from across Australia.

Who is The Kickstart Project?

The Kickstart Project Inc is a Melbourne based non-profit organisation that is committed to providing a brighter future for individuals and communities in Kenya through education, health and sustainable solutions.

We believe that it is possible to alleviate poverty, improve the overall standard of living and increase access to health and education by empowering individuals through the following:

  • Providing quality educational sponsorships and mentoring for disadvantaged individuals, promoting access to a brighter future for students and their families.
  • Cultivating self-efficacy and aptitude among individuals
  • Promoting sustainable and independent communities by developing health promotion and leadership programs in disadvantaged communities
  • Your responsibilities

    As the Event Coordinator, you will be responsible for managing your Kickstart Project fundraising event.

    You will need to manage finances, staffing, marketing, promotion, sponsorship and running of the event. The Kickstart Project is not able to provide prizes or funds to support your fundraising event, or help you to implement the day to day activities of the event.

    Money Matters

    • For audit purposes The Kickstart Project is required to account for all monies banked.
    • Provide us with an accurate estimate of the income and expenses associated with your Kickstart Project fundraising Generally, a fundraising event should aim to return 60% of income to The Kickstart Project so event expenses should not exceed 40% of gross profits.
    • Keep accurate financial records, including receipts for expenses incurred and records of donations and moneys received.
    • Take only reasonable expenses (such as venue hire and catering) out of the profit generated. You must not incur any expenses in The Kickstart Project’s name.
    • Send in proceeds of the Kickstart Project event within 14 days of the event concluding.

    Legal Matters

    • Ensure that you have appropriate liability insurance to cover your Kickstart Project event, as The Kickstart Project insurance does not extend to external events.
    • Ensure that you seek our permission before using The Kickstart Project logo in any promotional activities.

    How The Kickstart Project will support you

    The Kickstart Project will provide:

    • A variety of ideas for the type of fundraiser you can have (see list of Ideas attached)
    • A Proudly Supporting The Kickstart Project logo for event promotion (Note: use of this logo needs to have The Kickstart Project’s prior approval)
    • Promotion of your fundraising event on the Kickstart Project website
    • Resources and brochures about The Kickstart Project
    • A Supporter Letter, to help you gather local support and sponsorship
    • A Thank you certificate for distribution to supporters/sponsors
    • Assistance and advice

    Next steps

    If you have any questions or require further information, please contact the Kickstart Project Team.

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