Marketplace Batik Artwork

Code: TKP003
Size: 84x75cm
Description: This authentic Kenyan artwork depicts a bustling marketplace in Africa. Regular markets are held in most African towns or villages, providing an opportuntiy for individuals to trade and sell their fresh produce and make a living. The prehistoric baobab tree, depicted in the background of the artwork, is an icon of the African savannah. Baobab trees can provide shelter, food and water for animals and humans, which is why several remote African communities make homes near Baobab trees
Specifications: The artwork is a technique known as Batik. Batik involves wax-resist dye, applied to whole cloth. Batik is an ancient handmade fabric art that is practiced all over Africa and the world. During the batik process, hot batik wax is painted onto cloth, which is then dyed. The artwork is sold as a cloth, and is unframed. This artwork is ready to hang (Canvas style). It has been stretched and mounted onto a timber frame.
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