Wongonyi Medical Dispensary

The Kickstart Project team is assisting with the set-up of a medical clinic in partnership with another Kenyan charity - The Ronnie Fund. This clinic is the only medical facility to serve several villages in a very remote area of Kenya - the Taita Hills. 

The Wongonyi Medical Dispensary was officially opened on the 1st August 2016 and sees 25-30 patients per day. The clinic is run by one very passionate and hard-working doctor. The doctor lives on the same property as the medical dispensary and is on call 24 hours per day.

The clinic manages childhood growth monitoring, immunisations, maternity services, malaria treatment, management of snake and insect bites, respiratory disease and diabetes management, cervical cancer screenings, blood pressure and hypertension management, soft tissue injuries, family planning and general health care.

There is a long wish list of medical equipment and resources that the clinic still requires in order to serve the remote communities in the Taita Hills more effectively. One of the most prevalent problems in the village is that many newborns suffer hypothermia at birth due to the low temperatures in the mountains. One of the first items that the Kickstart Project will be purchasing for the clinic are specialised infant warmers that can be used for newborns to maintain their body temperature in cold climates. The warmers are reusable, affordable and portable – they will be a life-saving addition to the medical dispensary.

The Kickstart Project team is excited to work alongside the medical clinic's board and other supporting charities to assist in the further growth and management of this fantastic facility!