My experience growing up in the biggest slum in Africa – By Beryl Ingasian

My name is Beryl Ingasian. I am in form one (Year 9) at Moi Girls High school in Nangili. I live in the Kibera Slum with my mother, father and my 3 siblings. I am the eldest child in our family. Our home is a tiny, single-roomed, semi-permanent house with no toilet, shower or running water. Many people hate Kibera because they believe that people who come from there are bad, but I believe that I will study and one day change it to be a better place.

I have lived here since I was in class 1 and I have experienced many challenges but thanks to God I was able to survive. Several times we have been chased out of our home because we couldn’t afford to pay the rent. We have spent some nights on the streets of Kibera because of this. Sometimes I was sent home because my school fees had not been paid.

The lack of money in my family caused many fights in my family and my father would get very angry with me when I was sent home from school, even though it wasn’t my fault. My mother managed to get a job as a house help to pay for my primary school fees and I was able to sit for my KCPE examination (National primary school exam). I would like to thank you for all you have done for me and I promise I won’t let you down.