Our team in Kenya

We would not be able to run our projects in Kenya without our project coordinator, mentors and project facilitators. Let us introduce you to our small team of invaluable volunteers:

Serah is our official Kickstart project coordinator. She has been there from day one and works tirelessly on all the projects. She organises the school fees, uniforms, shopping for the students, medical purchases etc. and liaises with the students and their guardians. The mentoring days are also held at her house. Apart from these voluntary tasks she runs her own business and looks after her own family. We are so grateful to have Serah on the ground in Kenya to make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Aggrey and Megan are both teachers at different primary schools in the Kibera slum. They both assist with the application process for new students into the program. Aggrey has been with us from the start and Megan came on board in January 2017. And again, we are so fortunate to be able to work with these two dedicated teachers.

Pasomi and Julius provide our students with much needed mentoring. Pasomi is a published author and teacher and usually runs the mentoring days. The main focus is on maintaining good study ethics, keeping a positive attitude towards learning and setting goals. Julius is a local university student who kindly assists the students with study techniques and advice.